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Art Guild Artists mission

The Art Guild seeks to offer local artists an avenue to broaden their creative pursuits by striving to:

Encourage:  Encouragement to artists and craftspeople through collaboration and interaction

Educate:  Educational opportunities, workshops, lectures, and discussion groups

Exhibit:  A forum in which the community can appreciate the visual arts through exhibits and Community projects

Fellowship:  A place of sharing common interests, experiences, and companionship

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studio Tours

Annual free event featuring over 22 artists on a self-guided tour to 7 local artists studios.

Woodland Gallery Classes

Some of our talented artists offer classes and seminars to the public.

Jerry Grubbs Showing painting of trees in a field

Excited to share the talent of our members in local shows featuring some of their work.


self-guided Tour
November 4-5, 2023
2023 Studio Tour Logo