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Susan Brandt

Pottery, Watercolor Painting

Susan majored in art at Peabody College. She is a retired teacher with 40 years
in both the elementary school and the community college. She enjoys painting in
all mediums including oil, watercolor and pastels. Susan’s goal as an artist is to
help others experience her world through her use of bold colors and an
impressionistic style. Through the years she has taught both watercolor classes
as well as pottery lessons in her Hendersonville studio.
Pottery has captured her attention lately, perhaps because of the challenge of
moving to a three-dimensional medium, as well as the challenge of blending the
art images with ceramics. Her favorite items to throw are mugs, but she also
enjoys sculpting whimsical figures and animals.

Susan Brandt

Daliene Burke

Painting, Drawing

Wife, Mother, and Grandmother with a Missionary Heart. Larry and I have lived in TN. for over 40 years. My art reflects a diversity of mediums and subjects.    Love all of God’s creation. Will take commissioned work. 

Contact via:
Text 615-351-3780   


Pat Collier

Assemblage, Jewelry

I have never met a craft or art form that I didn’t try! I paint, crochet,  knit, macrame,  make jewelry, make art out of “found” objects, and do ceramics. I love trying new crafts and enjoy teaching crafts to others. I also enjoy seeing what wonderful artwork others do.

Jan Cregan


From my earliest childhood, my happiest moments have revolved around the making of art. Even as a kindergartener, I took my coloring seriously, teaching my little classmates the finer points of producing a smooth and even bunny and gluing the cotton tail on just so. Throughout my schooling, I doodled and drew, until my teachers had to reprimand me for all the little decorations on my schoolwork. I learned to love the human face and figure most of all and spent many idle hours drawing them.

Formal art education was not available to me, so teaching myself instead, I  experimented with various mediums throughout the years, leaning mostly toward a realistic, gentle approach to colors and subject matter. Almost always I choose to feature a living being, human or four-legged, in my work, and tender images of children are clearly a favorite.

I do feel that being artistic is a gift, and I am thankful every day that it has been my lot. Besides the joy, peace, and contentment creating art brings to me, I feel enormous pleasure in sharing with others the gifts of my hands and heart and seeing their happiness, sometimes their tears, when receiving with I have made for them. I believe this is the artist’s reward, and I never weary of it.

I still use various mediums, depending on what it is I am painting. Oil, acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor– I love them all. Never bored, I am evolving, and ever learning. My hope is that I may be able to create art until I am too frail to hold a pen or brush and that I leave behind, scattered everywhere, pieces of my heart that many will treasure.


Joy Delk


I admire all art work and the many styles and ideas.  I myself enjoy oil painting.  My favorite subject seems to be trees and snow scenes.

Joy Delk

Toby Delk


I have loved art and drawing ever since I could hold a pen or pencil.  I started oil painting at age 16 and enjoy painting all things in nature and historical.

Toby Delk