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Chris Schalles


I have loved and appreciated many forms of art all my life.  I have a degree in Art Education and taught art for several years in PA.  When we moved here in 2009 I signed up for some watercolor classes and eventually took lessons from Frank Gee.  Lately I mostly am painting in acrylics and somehow my favorite colors are in most of my works.  I love whimsy and silly animals like ostriches and cows.  I also love anything to do with water since a good part of growing up was on the edge of oceans and lakes.  The Pelicans and Herons on Old Hickory Lake are also favorites.  I try to price my work at a reasonable level because my aim is to make people smile.

Chris Schalles

Julie Sharp


Hendersonville resident Julie Sharp has been making jewelry for over 11 years. She enjoys working with natural stones and has been influenced by her love of Colorado, working with such stones as turquoise, tiger eye, carnelian, and jasper, among others. She also creates earrings from guitar picks, some made from vinyl records. Recently she has used crystals and vintage beads in creating statement pieces. She has taken lessons in Colorado and Nashville and participated in several Hendersonville/Gallatin area craft fairs. Her jewelry has been sold in two Colorado stores and three Nashville stores and is currently at Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center in Hendersonville and the Rare Bird (Case B10) in Goodlettsville. Having retired from over 40 years as a college professor teaching writing and technical communication, she now has time to devote to the art of jewelry making. 

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Patty Vaca

Pencil Drawings

Patty Vaca was born in Mexico City, Mexico.  She is the third youngest of nine siblings, and her family immigrated to Southern California in 1962.  It was here that she received most of her education, attending Orange Coast College, California State University Long Beach and Otis Parsons Art School in Los Angeles.

Patty is an artist with a passion for freedom and creativity which focuses on realism and wildlife images including a wide range of wild and domestic animals.  Her “Whimsical” pencil drawings combine simplicity, a strong element of design, and always an unexpected humorous twist, with the intricate details and insights of cultural interest and fashionable designs.

Focusing predominantly, though not exclusively, on wildlife, Patty is a versatile artist whose range from the finest drawings to the broader love of creating three dimensions, a passionate pursuit of excellence inspiration from her God committed life and the nobility and beauty in nature and ability to capture the beauty of self expression of music and dance.

Each new art piece inspires her to create something new and unique, with a dash of humor. Throughout the years her artistic talent has grown and has become a love affair – intricate detailed designs capture our soul and the textures awaken our senses. 

Patty has three children and 10 grandchildren and lives in Hendersonville, TN

Patty Vaca